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Collecting components for Winter project.  Ducat GT-R.


Collecting components for Winter project. Ducat GT-R.

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Canon 5Dmk2 “candy street” from Blue sniff on Vimeo.

camera: Canon 5D mk2
lenses: EF24-105mm 4.0/ EF50mm 1.4/ EF100mm 2.0
edit: Final cut pro7
music: “Solitude” Joe hisaishi

Ameyoko (translates as “Candy-Store Street”) is one of the liveliest shopping avenues in Tokyo, which becomes so filled with people on weekends that one cannot even walk straight.
Also located in this place, is the departure station of the railway destined for Tohoku region, and for this reason the town has been loved for its sense of nostalgia.

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"Solus" from Ricki Bedenbaugh on Vimeo.

I teamed up with Lossa Engineering to make a short video on a Yamaha SR500 that was featured on Cafe Racer Season 1. I wanted to have all the shots at night, and no cars on the road, which was no easy task, but we pulled it off. After several nights of waiting for no traffic, and avoiding the police under the Long Beach Airport landing strip we did it. Enjoy.

Shot, Edited, and Directed by: Ricki Bedenbaugh

Locations: Long Beach and Los Angeles CA

Shot on Canon 7D
Glass: Canon 50mm 1.2, Canon 70-200mm 2.8, Canon 10-22mm
Edited with: Final Cut Pro
Color Treatment: Magic Bullet Looks
Motion Graphics: Adobe After Effects

Beethoven, Symphony 7

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For the first time. from AD & RM Motorcycle Co. on Vimeo.

Custom built Suzuki Gs1000, first ride.

Website coming soon.


Music by “Night Lights” by Learning Music (
Filming and editing by Sarah Jane Church

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Shrine Maikos retiring for the night by Blue HazeG on Flickr.
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Blood Moon(赤い月) by Maru1122 on Flickr.
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